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Barack Obama?s Victory Speech

1. What dream is he talking about?

Answer: Barack Obama is talking about the American dream. He is talking about the democracy that is an American value.

2. What impression of America is given in the paragraph above?

Answer: The impression is that accept every person, independent how the person is. Which religion, culture, and male you are. The United States of America stands for democracy, and wants to make peace.

3. What American core values are addressed in the paragraph above?

Answer: There are American values, for example democracy, freedom and individualism that are addressed. In Barack Obama is talking about democracy. Democracy is that the people should decide, and express their views.

4. What events in American history is Barack Obama referring to in the paragraph above?

Answer:BarackObamatalksaboutwhenNeilArmstrongsteppedonthe moon.Hewasthefirstmanwho didit.He also talks about the Berlin Wall. It was an ideological struggle between capitalism and communism.

1. Who is Barack Obama speaking to?

Answer: Obama is speaking to the people who live in The United States.

Checkpoints Page 233

1. The new nation gave the early settlers new opportunities. In which way can we say that the system they established is a democratic one?

Answer: They left Europe where class distinctions were sharp and where power was equated with rank and money. A belief in democracy and the involvement of the ordinary man were basic elements in the founding of the new nation.

3. Which are the two chambers of Congress?

Answer: Congress consists of two chambers - the House of Representatives and the Senate.

4. There are 435 congressmen/women. Who do these people represent?

Answer: The House of Representatives has 435 members. Each state is represented according to its inhabitants.

5. Which are the three branches of US government that check each other?

Answer: Judicial,Executive andLegislative check each other.

Viewpoints Page 233

1. I think it is because of equality between men and women today are large, and therefore I think that the U.S. people for are equality, but in other countries where men govern, they had killed a woman who was to become president.

2. US president can only be in office for two terms. I think the president can only stay two terms because new people should get a chance and not the same person for lifetime, like when he die they are going to elect a new president.

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